• Filmed as part of our two-video series on 'Investing in Children's Services' across Europe. In this clip we interview a young person in the services of Brighton and Hove City Council in Brighton, UK about his experience of using services there. His name is Befkadu (Befe) Tekle and he has come to Brighton from Eritrea, East Africa. Befe is an unaccompanied child migrant and therefore is one of the estimated 90,000 children who have claimed asylum in Europe in 2015.
  • ESN traveled to Brussels in May 2016 to launch the publication from our 3-year long study 'Investing in Children's Services, Improving Outcomes' at the European Parliament. A key focus within this work was on unaccompanied minors and how to best care for them. This video, the first of a two part series, highlights the work being done across Europe to integrate and care for these children and to make them more visible in both children's and migration policy.
  • Christian Moutier was a speaker in our session 'Practical approaches to workforce planning' at our seminar on the social services workforce in Bratislava on 15 November. He has 43 years’ experience in the French family benefits fund. During this time, Mr. Moutier served as a manager in family policies and child protection, and spent 20 years as a general director. In this role he has overseen a number of social programmes at the regional and local level and now has a position as a consultant on the management and development of social programmes.
  • Ellen Belluomini is a Lecturer and Blogger from the Dominican University in USA. She addressed ESN's seminar on investing in the social services workforce and was included in the session: Bridging the digital divide training and recruiting the future social service workforce. Her current research focuses on integrating technology into social work education and practice. Besides technology, her specialties include programme development, consultation with non-profit organisations, and online/blended learning.
  • Column Conway was invited to speak at the second session of ESN's workforce seminar 'Bridging the digital divide, training and recruiting the future social service workforce' on the topic of Developing a diverse workforce through an adaptive system based on partnership and innovation. Colum Conway is the Director of Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) which helps to raise standards in the social care workforce by registering social care workers; setting standards for their conduct and practice and supporting their professional development.
  • Michael Farrugia is Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity with the Maltese Government. He took the stage to open ESN's seminar on 'Investing in the social services workforce' in the lead up to the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2017. He is celebrating 25 years in Parliament this year and is happy to be partnering with ESN's 25th anniversary conference celebrations taking place in Valletta, Malta from 26-28 June 2017. In his address, he talks about the state of social services in Malta and new initiatives taking place there.
  • Alfred Grixti was a panel member of ESN's closing panel discussion 'How will workforce planning have to adapt to future population needs?' in Bratislava on 16 November. He is the chief executive of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services in Malta. Alfred has a Masters in Industrial Relations and Management from Oxford University, and is a fellow of the Salzburg Seminar. He has served at the University of Malta as a lecturer and as head of school. In addition to this, Alfred serves as mayor of the city Ħaż-Żebbuġ in Malta.
  • Michal Páleník was a speaker in session three of ESN's workforce seminar in Bratislava called 'Practical approaches to workforce planning'. His presentation focused on the Slovak social service workforce in the domestic and foreign labour markets. Michal Páleník is director at the Institute of Economic Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences where his main duties include: project management, econometric forecasting and development of software solutions.
  • Speaker Shereen Hussein from the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King's College London addresses participants at ESN's seminar 'Investing in the social services workforce' in Bratislava 2016. Shereen's work focuses on on ageing demographics, long-term care demand and migration within the UK and Europe.