The European Social Network (ESN) has put together a practice repository, which aims to provide its members and the interested public with an insight into the field of social services across a range of target groups and themes. ESN considers the dissemination of practices a crucial ingredient for the sharing of expertise on social policies and services across Europe and gathers its practices from a number of areas and working methods, including working groups, projects, peer reviews, seminars and conferences.

Collected practices are described by ESN’s policy officers using a standardised and agreed template with social care professionals submitting their practices. These practices are marked by the tag “Descriptive”. In addition to practice collection, ESN also reviews a number a practices in the framework of our ongoing working groups. These practices are marked by the tag “Analysed”. Reviewed practices have been analysed by an applied researcher working alongside social care professionals in the framework of our working groups on the basis of criteria, such as evaluation methods, transferability and sustainability.

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