• 25 July
    In this issue you can catch up with all the highlights from the 25th ESSC: policy issues, videos, presentations from workshops and plenary sessions, the contribution of the Maltese Presidency and many more resources to give you a flavour of this unique 25th anniversary of the only one conference on social services in Europe!
  • 31 May
    This month newsletter brings you an analysis of the communication and the recommendation adopted by the EU Commission on the European Pillar of Social Right. Also, the European Social Services Conference is fast approaching in Valletta from 26 to 28 June.
  • 03 May
    In this month issue we give an account of the Members' Forum and members' priorities for a reform of social welfare. Also, an interesting interview will explain you the meaning of frugal innovation. Additionally, ESN analyses the proposal for the European Pillar of Social Right.
  • 29 March
    ESN has just published its report on the social service workforce in Europe. In addition to that, the Annual Review is now available on line and in paper format in German, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Also, in this issue ESN gives account of child policy in Bulgaria and the White Paper on the future of the EU.
  • 27 February
    Outcomes of the preparatory meeting for the Members' Forum and the launch of ESN's Annual Review 2016 are the main stories of the second newsletter of this year.
  • 25 January
    In this months newsletter we we present to you an overview of some ESN's work throughout 2016. It has been a fruitful and intense year, with the 'Investing in the social service workforce' seminar, the launch of the 'Investing in Children's Services. Improving Outcomes' publication and the working groups on Youth, Ageing and Care and Disability.
  • 18 December
    This Issue focuses on the Pillar of Social Right: ESN responded to the European Commission consultation on the subject.
  • 30 November
    This issue brings you news from our ESN seminar on the social services workforce, introduces our latest publication 'Connecting Europe to local communities', and brings into European developments around migration, youth unemployment and web accessibility.
  • 25 October
    In this issue ESN gives you an account of the joint working groups on disability and ageing held in Brighton this month.
  • 28 September
    This month issue presents the outcomes of ESN working group on the European Semester, which is also the core theme of several articles. In addition,the Pillar of Social Rights, the initiative by the European Commission for a more social EU political agenda, is one of the main focuses of this September newsletter.