Local authorities are taking more and more responsibility in planning and managing social welfare.

Decentralisation and devolution are the result of various factors. Local authorities are the closest institutions to citizens and civil society organisations and subsidiarity gives them a key role in delivering social services. In addition, constitutional devolution plays a role, as some states are redefining the balance of power between the central state and regional government. Also, financial constraints impose budget cuts to the central government. Consequently, local authorities are called upon to put in place social measures.

The conference “Devolution and Decentralisation: Dismantling Social Welfare or a Democratic Promise for the Future?”, taking place in Amsterdam, will delve into the topic through the perspective of academics, policy makers, social security administrators and client representatives.

The European Social Network, will bring the experience of local public authorities straight into the debate and will be represented by its CEO, John Halloran.

All ESN members are invited to participate in and contribute to a more global understanding of the devolution and decentralisation trends in social security.

The attendance to the conference is limited to 100 participants. It is advisable to register at an early stage. For more information, please visit the Conference website.