ESN publishes its position paper on child poverty and child wellbeing this month, following several months of renewed focus on the issue at EU level and within ESN Secretariat itself. The recommendation currently being developed by the Commission and the Social Protection Committee (SPC) should stand up for the most disadvantaged children (i.e. children with disabilities, children in alternative care, children at risk of neglect/abuse, undocumented child migrants/asylum-seekers) and the child protection and social services that aim to help them. ESN also underlines the importance of helping not only the child but, also the parents, in order to break the ‘cycle of deprivation’.

ESN has advised the Commission and the SPC ad hoc group in writing, and also at a consultation meeting on 14 December 2011. Following our November seminar in Paris on ‘Investing in Children’, Alfonso Lara Montero from the ESN secretariat and Alexis Jay, Chief Social Work Advisor to the Scottish government, attended this stakeholder consultation with the European Commission and several national government officials on combating child poverty and promoting child wellbeing. ESN seeks to ensure within the Recommendation recognition of the role of social services, in particular child protection, and the participation of children in decisions affecting their lives.