“I am delighted to have had this amazing opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with prominent personalities from all over Europe, responsible for planning and delivery of social services. I also appreciated the possibility to present my views and describe how people with disabilities can be (progressively) integrated into society. I am convinced that this conference helped us to make an important step towards desired and awaited systemic changes,”  Piotr Pawłowski, President of the Friends of Integration Association in Poland

“ESN, with its established culture of collaboration and effective involvement of its members has been able to celebrate the differences but also recognise the similarity of issues that are impacting on the people of Europe. In highlighting evidence-based outcomes, collating and sharing research, demonstrating sustainable practices among member organisations, ESN has already begun to build a consensus within Europe of good practice...To continue the journey that ESN has inspired will benefit us all as we consider valued systems of care; this collective mind and effort will in turn constitute a further step to meeting the needs of the people and countries of Europe.” Catherine Holland, Skills for Care and Development, delegate from UK

“It was an extremely rewarding experience. We are grateful to have been given this opportunity to represent Staffordshire at a pan-European level. I think developments in the UK were of interest to people – evidenced by the large number of delegates who attended the workshop and requests for use of our materials.” Karen Palmer, workshop presenter from Staffordshire County Council

“As a new member of ESN, participating at the European Social Services Conference was a most valuable experience! I met so many committed and competent professionals from all over Europe. I really appreciate the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from other countries, to see which problems are similar and which problems that are unique for us in Sweden. As a care provider I could learn about new practical methods to work with children as well as different ways of organizing the care system in the European countries.” Marianne Forslund, CEO of GryningVård, Sweden

"I always like to come back to the well-organised annual conferences of the European Social Network because they provide a unique opportunity for exchange between research and practice," Kai Leichsenring, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna

“I would like to thank you for invitation on the 19th European Social Services Conference and for an opportunity to share my ideas and experiences during panel discussion. It was very encouraging and enriching event for me.” Zuzana Filípková, Silesian Diacony, Czech Republic, speaker at the conference