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Since it was established almost 20 years ago, the European Social Network (ESN) has been a catalyst for collaboration. ESN has brought together more than 150 organisations from over 35 countries in Europe to network with key decision makers, keep in touch with the latest policy and practice trends, learn from each other’s experiences and influence national and international policy. Throughout this time, the aim has been to help improve social service planning, delivery, funding and evaluation to improve people’s quality of life in local communities across Europe.

At a time when social services are undergoing significant changes and in an era of rapid technological advances, organisations working in social services have an opportunity to develop more efficient methods and reassess their understanding of service users. This will not only mean better and more user-oriented service provision, but also enable service planners and providers to seamlessly deliver more and better services.

In recognition of this, and through cooperation with its members, ESN will be focusing in the future on integrated services, co-production, long-term care and technological innovation as well as prioritising services sustainability and innovation.

We want all our members to be on top of developments in the social services sector. That is why we provide valuable research, share best practices, and organise thematic events and exchanges for our members. This wide variety of activities supports the strengthening of our members’ capacities and helps give them additional tools to make the difference in their communities.

ESN understands that social services increasingly need to make tough decisions at a time of shrinking budgets and sometimes growing need to deliver more services with fewer resources. As a network, we also understand the challenges of predicting the outcomes of decisions and of finding the best ways to engage with organisations that manage, fund and provide social services, and make their work more efficient and its impact more measurable.

Along with the core membership of public social service managers, funders, providers and evaluators we are developing our membership structure in a way that takes account of the diversity of stakeholders involved in the field. This means offering a chance for civil society organisations, foundations and private stakeholders providing social services as well as research and professional associations in Europe and beyond to join ESN.

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