The second of our series of webinars focused on how technology driven social investment can help promote social convergence across Europe.

A new approach is needed to tackle the recruitment crisis in the sector, European Social Network chief executive tells conference.

Alfonso Montero, Deputy Chief Executive of the European Social Network (ESN), moderated a session on innovation in social services at a high-level EU social innovation conference, and shares insights from the event with us.

More than 530 delegates joined us in Malta last June making the 25th ESSC one of the biggest yet! Would you like to explore how we can improve services through social investment? Are you a senior professional willing to share social issues with peers from all over Europe? Then join us in Seville next May!

In its 2015 report ‘Evidence in public social services: An overview from practitioners and applied researchers’, ESN examines evidence-based practice and new approaches to social innovation and the links between evidence, policy and practice in the wake of the financial crisis.

The European Social Network (ESN) details the importance of social planning as a key component for local authorities to design and implement effective and efficient services to address the needs of vulnerable groups.

The European Social Network (ESN) discusses the launch of its Panel on Applied Evidence in Social Services, which will deal with the modernisation of social work and its increasing emphasis on evidence with regards to decision-making, service contracting, delivery and evaluation.

Encouraging innovation in the public sector and turning the public sector into an enabler for innovation were the leading ideas at a recent seminar in Brussels.

ESN’s John Halloran and Stephen Barnett argue that the Commission’s latest communication will do little to reassure opponents of austerity

ESN’s CEO John Halloran contributed to IBM’s International Social Sector Forum by bringing the perspective of local government in defining new directions for the welfare state.


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