How can social services work with people using services on an equal basis for improved outcomes?

Social services directors met to discuss the coordination of services to ensure successful transitions to adulthood for care leavers.

The transition to adulthood is a difficult period, especially for young people who have experienced care. Across Europe several trends have emerged on improving support for young people leaving care.  

We took part in a strategic dialogue organised by the European Commission to review four country reports: Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

The European Social Network (ESN) publishes a new toolkit that collects tools and examples of good practice in various European countries to support those furthest from the labour market.

Greater service coordination is supporting outreach to vulnerable families and their access to childcare

Our members showcase their practices and discuss effective strategies at our working group meeting.

Following the successful conclusion of our Inclusive Activation Seminar in Vienna, we reflect on recent European level developments on integrating the long-term unemployed (LTU) into the labour market.

ESN hosted the second regional seminar of the 4Quality! Project in Brighton on 27 May. The seminar brought together 40 participants from four EU countries to discuss issues related to workforce and service quality in personal care and household services

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