How can social services work with people using services on an equal basis for improved outcomes?

We took part in a strategic dialogue organised by the European Commission to review four country reports: Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Make the social inclusion of people with disabilities a reality through a continuum of legislation, policy, and practice.

Social services supporting people furthest from the labour market will meet in Vienna to discuss effective and holistic pathways to inclusion.

Final conference of ERASMUS+ project PODIUM concludes that supported decision-making is key for the success of deinstitutionalisation together with person-centred approaches to service provision.

Latest toolkit draws on policy frameworks and innovative practices to provide guidance for social services when supporting people with disabilities.

The European Social Network (ESN) held its third disability working group meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. The meeting saw 21 participants from 12 countries coming together to discuss active inclusion for people with disabilities in the open labour market.

The second meeting of the ESN Working Group on Disability brought together participants from seven European countries to discuss how integrated services can better support people with disabilities.

The ESN Working Group on Disability reports on its recent meeting in Brighton last December, giving an overview of challenges and EU policy in the area of disability and outlining the next steps.

The largest Paralympics to ever be held, London 2012 has opened our minds to what people can achieve with great determination and passion.

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