Social services across Europe are supporting the inclusion of migrant children and young people and their access to essential services

In preparation for Universal Children’s Day on the 20th of November, events in Italy and Spain show how local policy developments are transforming child social welfare and promoting child participation alongside European recommendations.

ESN’s Policy Director Alfonso Lara Montero speaks at the 9th European Forum on the rights of the child in Brussels on 3-4 June.

Slow growth, stable but increasingly structural unemployment and a heightened risk of social exclusion in many Member States were some of the findings outlined in the Joint Employment Report (JER) for 2015. In order to address these shortcomings, a number of key policy recommendations are outlined.

In preparation of the third peer review of the project ‘Investing in Children’s Services, Improving Outcomes’ ESN visited Hungary and Italy to gain insights into new developments in the area of children’s services.

The European Social Network (ESN) participated in a peer review in Venice focused on evidence-based practice in the field of child protection, with a special emphasis on preventing children's institutionalisation.

ESN publishes a short report with a selection of findings from our ongoing research project on the organisation of children’s services across a number of European countries.

Alfonso Lara Montero, Policy Director at of the European Social Network (ESN) takes a look at the key take ways from the ‘Children’s rights and the global economic crisis’ seminar, which was organised by ESN member, the European Children Rights Unit of the University of Liverpool.

The European Social Network (ESN) calls for national experts on children's services in Spain, Poland, UK and Germany to act as tenders with an aim to identify gaps between the European and the national framework.

UNICEF’s Office of Research is launching today the Innocenti Report Card 11 which presents a comparative overview of child wellbeing in developed countries.


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