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  March 2012
  Developing Community Care
Most people take living in and being a part of the community for granted. And yet in Europe this is not the case for more than 1.2 million persons with disabilities, 300 000 persons with mental health problems and 150 000 children, who are estimated to be living in long-stay institutions.

Making the case for deinstitutionalisation, ESN publishes its report 'Developing Community Care'. The publication is available in English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, and Romanian.
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ESN's Position Paper on child poverty
Following several months of renewed focus on child poverty at EU level, ESN publishes its position paper on combating child poverty and promoting child wellbeing.
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European conference on child poverty
The Danish Presidency of the EU organised a conference to discuss child poverty and children’s social rights, advancing the preparations for the European Child Poverty Recommendation in 2012.
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Reducing Early
School Leaving
DG Education and Culture of the European Commission organised the conference on 'Reducing Early School Leaving', aiming to support Member States in developing comprehensive policies to tackle this problem.
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Discussing homelessness and housing strategies
ESN cooperates with FEANTSA in HABITACT Peer Review - discussion and exchange on Ghent homelessness/housing model.
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Managing Change Programme
Sixteen participants from four Visegrad countries gathered in Prague for ESN's second session of the Managing Change training programme.
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