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  March 2011
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Care is a relationship between two people: one who needs care and another who provides it. Behind this, however, lies a complex set of relationships between numerous stakeholders – financers, planners, regulators, providers, case-managers and service users. ESN's latest report explores these relationships and their impact on the quality of long-term care for older people in six European countries.

Contracting for Quality: report
Contracting for Quality: practice examples

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 Positive mental health in the workplace
  ESN Working Group on MH met in Berlin to look at promoting positive mental health in the workplace, and helping people with mental health problems get back to work.
 Care in Practice – Germany
  ESN visited its members in Germany in a guided tour of various local public social services in Stuttgart, Dortmund and Hamm. Read more about their good practice at the local level.
 ESN at World Disability Forum
  ESN presented at the World Disability Symposium in Istanbul, organised with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  
 ESN in the Polish media
  ESN’s Chief Executive talks about the European Year of Volunteering and the challenges faced by Polish social policy-makers.
 Institutions vs. Community Care
  ESN joins the European De-institutionalisation Expert Group (EDEG) to support EU-level work on moving from institutions to community-based care.
 EP resolution on Roma inclusion

On 9 March, the European Parliament voted for a resolution on an EU-wide strategy to support the social inclusion of Roma communities.


Contracting for Quality
Aart De Geus, OECD
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