29 Jun 2015

A two-day conference, organised by Eurocities, focused on accessibility issues for people with disabilities and older people

25 Jun 2015

The last meeting of the European WeDO2 project took place on 18 June in Slough, UK. Lisa Schönenberg from ESN presented recent work on the development of quality services for older people.

24 Jun 2015

ESN’s Policy Director Alfonso Lara Montero speaks at the 9th European Forum on the rights of the child in Brussels on 3-4 June.

24 Jun 2015

The ESN workshop on education, employment and social services for vulnerable young adults brought together 30 participants from 15 countries in The Hague on 4-5 June 2015.

22 Jun 2015

ESN are seeking national experts on children’s policies and services to contribute to the third phase of the project Investing in children’s services, improving outcomes.

10 Jun 2015

ESN publishes its 2015 report on 'Public social services in crisis: challenges and responses'.

8 Jun 2015

In line with it's 'Investing in Children, Improving Outcomes' project, ESN presents first in a series of interviews with professionals in the Children's Services Sector in Europe.

1 Jun 2015

The third peer review of ESN’s project ‘Investing in Children’ was held in Budapest on 7-8 May, in cooperation with the Directorate General for Child Protection and Social Services. The meeting examined the implementation of the European Commission’s Recommendation ‘Investing in Children’ in five Member States.

1 Jun 2015

In the response to the public consolidation ESN members stress individualised support, co-production and cooperation between employment and social services and other actors as key to support people excluded from the labour market.

1 Jun 2015

ESN’s third peer review in Budapest on 7-8 May examined the implementation of the European Commission’s (EC) ‘Investing in Children’ Recommendation across five Member States and resulted in a number of policy proposals.

29 May 2015

Understanding social investment’s current trends and drivers

29 May 2015

The European Commission publishes a report on integrated social services.

29 May 2015

ESN attends a series of high level European meetings on disability with the overarching aim of improving the situation for persons with disabilities in the EU.

29 May 2015

The first regional seminar of the 4Quality! Project was held in Rome on 6 May. It brought together more than 40 participants from France, Belgium, Italy and Spain to discuss issues related quality in personal care and housework activities.

29 May 2015

ESN’s peer review in Budapest on 7-8 May examined the implementation of the European Commission’s (EC) ‘Investing in Children’ Recommendation across five Member States.

29 May 2015

The European Social Network’s (ESN) third peer review ‘Investing in Children’ took place in Budapest on 7-8 May.

19 May 2015

The European Social Network (ESN) looks at digital public services ahead of an opening address by Jasmin Battista, Member of Cabinet, Digital Single Market, European Commission (EC) at the 23rd European Social Services Conference in Lisbon.

22 Apr 2015

Slow growth, stable but increasingly structural unemployment and a heightened risk of social exclusion in many Member States were some of the findings outlined in the Joint Employment Report (JER) for 2015. In order to address these shortcomings, a number of key policy recommendations are outlined.