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  January 2012
  EY2012 for Active Ageing
By 2017 there will be more pensioners than young people. The opening conference on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, which took place in Copenhagen on 18-19 January, focused on the demographic challenge that Europe is facing, as well as the opportunities to promote active ageing and prevent care needs.
EU revising rules
for social services
The European Commission published a new Communication which provides a single framework for the Commission’s actions and regulations in the area of ‘services of general interest’.
Danish EU
Presidency Agenda
The Danish EU Presidency announced its agenda for the first six months of 2012, which is centred on promoting “a more responsible, more dynamic, greener and safer Europe”.
Tackling Early School Leaving
The European Parliament voted a report on Early School Leaving, stressing the importance of targeting young people from disadvantaged, migrant and Roma families.
Children Leaving Care
Amici dei Bambini organised an Experts’ Meeting in Brussels to present the results of their one year project focused on easing the transition of young people leaving care.
Copenhagen 2012:
Shaping the Future for Sustainable Social Services
ESN has launched the website for the 20th European Social Services Conference which takes place in Copenhagen on 25-27 June in partnership with the Danish Presidency of the European Union. Registrations are now open.
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