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  January 2011
ESN NEWSLETTER. ESN Brings together people who are key to the design and delivery of local public social services across Europe.
Crisis: OECD's Aart De Geus speaks to ESN  

"In past recessions sometimes we made a mistake of cutting expenses on prevention...that would be a major mistake because if we would stop programmes on prevention - we will pay tenfold more..." 

Watch ESN's interview with Aart De Geus, Deputy-Secretary General, OECD on the challenges of the economic crisis for social services.

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 Crisis: Social services in the press
  Deficit policies and long-term trends are putting pressure on social spending - ESN reviews press coverage in Ireland, France, Poland, Serbia and the UK.
 A Good Place to Grow Older
  ESN member Region of Castile La Mancha launches Apemfenix, the first association for people with mental health problems in this Spanish region.
 A Good Place to Grow Older
  ESN took part in discussions about what makes somewhere a good place to grow older at a peer review in London hosted by the UK government.
 Hungary takes over EU Presidency
  ESN welcomes the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and reviews its priorities.



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