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  February 2012
  Improving service management
ESN has just launched a new working group on service management in times of crisis. The first meeting took place in Brighton on 28th February and brought together nine senior managers from across Europe to review and develop social services’ responses to the crisis.
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EU calls for support
to social services
At the start of the European Semester 2012, there seems to be greater recognition of social services and their contribution to “preventing marginalisation of vulnerable groups.”
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Social, entrepreneurial, innovative
Deutscher Verein and the North-Rhine-Westphalia Region organised a conference on recent proposals on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.
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Committe of the Regions forum on Active Ageing
To mark the European Year of Active Ageing, a Committee of the Regions forum in Brussels highlighted the responsibilities of local and regional government in addressing the issue.
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Commission White
Paper on Pensions
With 24% of Europeans in retirement, the white paper looks at ways to make pension systems more sustainable. For ESN, this is related to the challenged of long-term care funding.
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