Join our free webinar on 18 September at 15.00 CET to hear how people who use services can participate in the planning, delivery and evaluation of social services. We will discuss:

  • A 4-step model for implementing co-production at every stage of service provision from Offenbach, Germany
  • How care experienced young people are involved in co-production in Scotland
  • How challenges in implementation can be overcome, such as adapting to a new dynamic of interaction between professionals and people using services
  • The outcomes and impact of co-production that can be achieved from the perspective of someone with care experience and from a service manager

This webinar is part of the preparations for ESN's Seminar on Co-production, taking place on 14-15 November in Lisbon.



Dr. Matthias Schulze-Böing

Head of Employment, Statistics & Integration Policies Department, The City of Offenbach am Main, Germany

Matthias will present an advanced methodology of co-production being implemented in Offenbach with people who use services. It is based on:

  1. Co-design
  2. Co-commissioning
  3. Co-delivery
  4. Co-assessment

This new model is showing high potential to improve outcomes for people by making them more engaged in the services affecting them.


David Grimm

Care Experienced Consultant, Scotland

David will explain how he has been involved in the co-production of social services in Scotland as someone with care experience. This includes his participation in:

  • shaping national policies affecting children and families
  • the co-production of funding initiatives for care experienced young people
  • and involvement in an alcohol and drugs awareness group 

He will explain the impact co-production can have from the perspective of someone with experience of care.




Wednesday, 18 September 2019