Co-Production Forum, Lisbon from European Social Network on Vimeo.

Our Co-Production Forum on 14-15 November was the 2019 edition of our annual seminar. We brought together more than 130 people to share innovative practice and policy on involving people who use services in all aspects of social services.

Co-production: a new way to provide services

During the event service managers, researchers, and people who use services explained how co-production was an approach that involves a shift in perspective of people who use services from beneficiaries to active participants in planning, delivery and evaluation.

We heard how this approach can help to:

  • Empower people who use services by giving them skills and confidence
  • To gain insights into barriers and opportunities for people which can inform policy and practice changes
  • To improve services by making them more attuned to people’s needs and expectations

Projects and experiences shared at the event provided inspiration to participants on practical steps they can take in their own work to implement co-production. For example how to involve people who use services in strategic planning, and how to empower service users so they can have an equal say in how services are run.



Event Programme:

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PowerPoint presentations:

Day 1

Session 2: Co-production in Europe

Break-out 1: Inspiring Practices

Session 3: Overcoming Challenges in Co-production

Break-out 2: Inspiring Practices

Day 2

Session 4: The Outcomes of Co-production

Thursday, 14 November 2019 to Friday, 15 November 2019