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  August 2012
  Copenhagen 2012
Shaping the Future for Sustainable Social Services

"I don't think this would mean that we give up on an European Social Model, but we have to look at various elements and see which ones need to be modernised, which parameters have to change, in which areas we need to find new solutions or new combinations of solutions."
László Andor, European Commissioner

This was one of the key messages that we took home from the 20th European Social Services Conference. We have compiled some of the most important and thought-provoking comments from delegates and speakers in a new video report. In this month's issue, we also give you highlights from the workshops.

ESN on social insecurity at Social Work Conference
ESN participated at the 'Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development' and advocated for independent living in the community.
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ESN reviews active inclusion four years on
ESN publishes a review of policy & practice on active inclusion of those furthest from the labour market since the EU’s 2008 policy guidance.
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ESN visits the Visegrád Countries
Part of ESN's programme 'Managing Change', ESN representatives visited the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to learn more about deinstitutionalisation there.
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ESN on personal and household services
ESN responded to a Commission consultation on PHS as a potential area for job creation, saying that the needs of citizens need to be the driver of service development.
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Cyprus presidency
Cyprus began its six-month EU Presidency on 1 July, aiming to make Europe more relevant to its citizens in terms of social cohesion and solidarity.
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