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  August 2011
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Warsaw 2011
An Active and Caring Society?


“You need to make your voices heard about the sort of society we want to live in...”

These were the closing words of the 19th European Social Services Conference.

350 social directors, service managers, senior professionals, political decision-makers, researchers and campaigners from 32 countries gathered in Warsaw to discuss a wide range of current issues in social work and social welfare.

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Care is a relationship
... but behind this relationship between someone needing care and someone giving it, lies a complex system with many institutional actors – how do they relate to each other?
Deinstitutionalisation: costly or cost-effective?
"Institutions are like prisons. The only difference is that prisoners at least have a fair trial..." – our keynote speakers made a compelling case for community care in Europe.
Learn - Engage
Challenge - Improve
Delegates learnt from others’ practice and experience, engaged in discussion, challenged accepted practice and looked for opportunities to improve – we bring you a flavour of the workshops.
Meeting - Sharing Networking
The Nordic Day, the Project Forum and the Exhibition are great places to meet others who care about the same issues, want to exchange ideas and learn about innovative approaches.


Contracting for Quality
Aart De Geus, OECD
Polish parliament success on disability issues
Speaking to ESN, Slawomir Piechota, Chair of the Social Affairs Committee, highlighted the main achievements of the Polish parliament in the last five years.
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